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J. Jansen & K. Neufeld was a manufacturer of farm machinery in in the Fürstenland Mennonite Settlement, South Russia. The factory was based in Sergeyevka, Taurida, where Jakob Jansen already owned one of two machinery factories operating there in 1908. His factory had an annual output of 9,400 rubles. The two factories were combined into one under the leadership of Jakob Jansen’s son-in-law, Kornelius Neufeld. Both Jakob Jansen and Kornelius Neufeld died in 1917 at the time of the Russian Revolution, but their factory continued on for some time after their deaths.

In the years before the Russian Revolution, manufacturers in the Mennonite settlements produced a variety of machinery, including reapers, mowers, and threshers, as well as operating flour mills. Businesses of this kind increased to meet a new demand for machinery and agricultural implements after a large expansion of available farmland in the 1860s. New rail links between the towns of southern Russia, as well as the development of steam-powered river boats, also increased the market for many companies, including J. Janzen & K. Neufeld.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the J. Jansen & K. Neufeld company had seventy steam-powered flour mills, as well as factories that had a combined annual output of 15,000 mowers and 10,000 plows. In 1911, it was the eighth largest factory of its kind in Russia, with 110 workers and an annual production of 200,000 rubles.


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