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Reinfeld [[Mennonite Brethren Church|Mennonite Brethren]] Church, located near the village of Reinfeld, [[Saskatchewan (Canada)|Saskatchewan]], a member of the [[Northern District Conference (Mennonite Brethren Church)|Northern District]] (Herbert Division), was organized in 1927 under the initiative of C. C. Penner, with a membership of 18. The meetinghouse was built 20 miles southeast of [[Swift Current (Saskatchewan, Canada)|Swift Current]] in 1928. The first leader was Jacob Derksen, succeeded by C. C. Penner and Heinrich F. Klassen; the latter was still serving as leader and pastor in 1957, with a membership of 20. The name was changed to [[McMahon Mennonite Brethren Church (McMahon, Saskatchewan, Canada)|McMahon Mennonite Brethren Church]] in 1956.
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