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26 July 2016

     19:42Annweilertal (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany) ‎(diff; hist; +170) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     19:37Anneken (d. 1571) ‎(diff; hist; +71) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     19:34Anklam, Joachim van (17th/18th centuries) ‎(diff; hist; +42) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     19:26Angas, William Henry (1781-1832) ‎(diff; hist; +75) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     18:37Andres, Frank J. (1907-1987) ‎(diff; hist; +250) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
    18:30Andreas, Johann (1802-1877) ‎(2 changes; hist; +43) ‎    ‎[SamSteiner‎×2]
     18:23Anderson, Aganetha "Agnes" Fast (1883-1977) ‎(diff; hist; +41) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     18:21Anchor Mennonite Church (Anchor Township, Illinois, USA) ‎(diff; hist; +197) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
     18:09Anabaptist Native Fellowship of Churches ‎(diff; hist; +27) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added category)
     17:58Amsterdam Mennonite Theological Seminary (Kweekschool) ‎(diff; hist; +39) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added category)
     17:55Amsterdam, University of (Amsterdam, Netherlands) ‎(diff; hist; +39) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added category)
     17:52Ampsinck, Johannes Assuerus (ca. 1560-1642) ‎(diff; hist; +37) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added categories)
    17:45Amor Viviente (Living Love) Movement ‎(2 changes; hist; +672) ‎    ‎[SamSteiner‎×2]
     14:39Amish Mutual Fire Insurance Association (Atglen, Pennsylvania, USA) ‎(diff; hist; +38) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added category)
     14:24Amish Mennonite Publishing Association ‎(diff; hist; +1,379) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added three paragraphs, bibliography and categories)
     14:07Amish Mennonite Aid ‎(diff; hist; +115) ‎    ‎SamSteinerShow user links (added category)
  m  05:50Artisan Vancouver Church (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) ‎(diff; hist; +295) ‎    ‎RichardThiessenShow user links (Updated article.)
  m  05:47Arnold Community Church (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada) ‎(diff; hist; -539) ‎    ‎RichardThiessenShow user links (Updated membership table.)

23 July 2016

    07:22Alberta Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches ‎(3 changes; hist; +1,484) ‎    ‎[RichardThiessen‎×3]
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