Poole Mennonite Church (Milverton, Ontario, Canada)

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The Poole Mennonite congregation began in 1874 with descendants of pioneers known as Amish Mennonite who lived in Mornington Township, and had originally emigrated from the Alsace area of France. Originally members of the Wellesley Amish Mennonite church district, they began meeting in homes in Mornington Township as the population increased.

In 1886 some members decided to build a meetinghouse on the site still occupied by Poole Mennonite Church. Other members disagreed, giving rise to the group that became known as the Old Order Amish, and which continued to hold services in homes. In 1903 additional contentious issues arose within the meetinghouse group regarding the introduction of Sunday School, worship style, etc. Most of the leaders then left with some of the congregation to start the Nafziger or Poole (West) congregation. The Poole congregation was first known as the Mornington Amish Mennonite congregation.

In 1947 Poole's original meetinghouse was enlarged and remodelled to accommodate a growing membership. At the same time, the church was jacked up and a basement installed under the original building. By 1963 the building was again crowded as well as structurally unsound, so the congregation decided to erect a new worship building. The first service was held in the building in 1966. In 1996 an addition on the north side of the building made the entire building accessible, and provided offices and better facilities for visiting and Sunday School.

Poole Mennonite Church, June 2003

The members of Poole Mennonite have been involved in outreach over the years. In the 1940s members from Poole together with members from Mapleview started meeting for worship in Millbank in a building purchased from the Presbyterian Church. This evolved into the Riverdale Mennonite Church in Millbank. In 1981 some families worked with the Western Ontario Mennonite Mission Board to start a congregation in Milverton. Poole held a commissioning service in 1982 for three families who gave leadership to the fledgling fellowship. More families from Poole joined this group a few years later. In 2003 the congregation assisted Mennonites from Mexico who moved into the area by providing English as a Second Language classes for the women and day care for their preschool children. The Listowel and Riverdale congregations assisted in this outreach.

Since 1874 Poole's basic beliefs have not changed. However, the congregation's needs have changed and programming has adapted accordingly. In 2003 Poole Mennonite had two pastors and a team of elders who give spiritual leadership while the church council gives administrative direction to the congregation. The language of worship is English; the transition from German occurred in the 1930s.


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Additional Information

Address: 6475 121 Rd E. Poole N0K 1S0

Mailing Address: Box 249, Milverton, ON, N0K 1M0

Phone: 519-595-4622

Website: Poole Mennonite Church

Denominational Affiliations: Mennonite Church Eastern Canada Conference

Mennonite Church Canada

Poole Mennonite Church Pastoral Leaders

Name Years
of Service
Joseph Gerber  1874-1893   
Joseph U. Ropp 1873-1910
Christian L. Kuepfer 1879-1886 To Old Order Amish 1886
Andrew Kuepfer 1879-1886 To Old Order Amish 1886
Nicholas Nafziger 1891-1903 To Nafziger congregation 1903
Peter Spenler 1891-1903 To Nafziger congregation 1903
John Nafziger 1892-1903 To Nafziger congregation 1903
Peter Boshart 1903-1927
Christian Schultz 1905-1952
Christian Lichti 1940-1959
Amos Brunk 1940-1973
Herbert Schultz 1955-1970
Amsey Martin 1970-1982
Vernon Zehr (Interim) 1983
David Brubacher 1983-1990
Gerald Neufeld 1988-1992 Youth Pastor
David Rogalsky 1990-1999
Kim Wideman 1996-2000 Youth Pastor
Reynold Kipfer (Interim) 1999-2000
Paul Dyck 2000- August 2015
Kara Carter 2001-2008 Youth Pastor
Amanda Mustard  2008-2012 
Sean Sero  2014-Present  Youth Pastor  
Steve Brnjas September 2015-2017 Interim Supply
Fred Redekop March 2017-September 2017
February 2018-2019
Interim Supply
Pastor of Senior Ministry
Doug Amstutz October 2017-January 2019

Poole Mennonite Church Membership

Year Membership
1900 105
1925 111
1935 168
1950 250
1965 278
1975 327
1985 390
1995 320
2000 296
2003 302
2008  301
2015  301


Map:Poole Mennonite Church (Milverton, Ontario, Canada)

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Poole (Ontario) Amish Mennonite Church, established in 1874, had a membership of 270 in 1957. It is a member of the Ontario Amish Mennonite Conference.

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