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[[File:TofieldMC1987.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Tofield Mennonite Church, 1987.<br />
[[File:TofieldMC1987.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Tofield Mennonite Church, 1987.<br />
Source: Church website.]]
Source: Church website''.]]
[[File:TofieldCC2017.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Tofield Mennonite Church, 2017<br />
[[File:TofieldCC2017.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Tofield Mennonite Church, 2017<br />
Source: Church website'']]
Source: Church website'']]

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Tofield Mennonite Church, 1987.
Source: Church website
Tofield Mennonite Church, 2017
Source: Church website

The Tofield Mennonite congregation at Tofield, Alberta began services in 1929, gathering in homes and rented facilities. The congregation formally organized on 15 June 1936. David A. Heidebrecht is considered the founding leader of the group having served as minister beginning in 1929 and elder from 1942. The congregation originated through immigration from the Soviet Union.

Tofield was originally known as Schoenwieser Mennonite Gemeinde zu Tofield or the Schönseer Mennonite Church, and changed its name to Tofield Mennonite Church in 1960. The congregation first met in a home purchased on 18 November 1934, known as "The Old House." Construction began on a sanctuary in May 1937 and the first service was held in June 1937. The building was dedicated on 25 July 1937. A 30 foot addition was added in 1950 and an education wing was constructed in 1974. A fellowship hall was build in 1991-92 and dedicated on 13 September 1992. The last service held in the original sanctuary was on 13 October 2002 and the building was decommissioned on 17 August 2003 and demolished on 24 June 2004. Services moved to the fellowship hall until a new sanctuary was constructed in 2006-07. The first service was held on 6 May 2007 and dedicated on 27 May 2007.

In 1958 the leader was Johann Neufeld, and the assisting ministers were David Boese, Abraham Epp, Peter Regehr, Gerhard Franz, and Abraham Heidebrecht. The transition from German to English occurred in the 1950s.

In a letter dated 4 February 2015 the church informed the area conference that it had voted 94% in favor of withdrawing from Mennonite Church Alberta, citing differences with the area conference regarding the view of Scripture, God, mankind, sin, and salvation. The congregation later changed its name to Tofield Community Church.


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Archival Records

Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Volumes 967, 1951, 2135.

Additional Information

Address: 5631 - 47 Street, Box 598, Tofield, AB T0B 4J0

Telephone: 780-662-3166

Website: Tofield Mennonite Church

Denominational Affiliations:

Mennonite Church Alberta (1936-2015)

Conference of Mennonites in CanadaMennonite Church Canada (1937-2015)

General Conference Mennonite Church (1938-1999)

Tofield Mennonite Church Leading Ministers

Minister Years
David A. Heidebrecht 1929-1956
Cornelius Heidebrecht 1931-1935
Peter Regehr 1935-1960
David Boese 1938-1994
Abe D. Heidebrecht 1940-1980
Gerhard Franz 1941-1960
David Regehr 1943-1988
Abram Epp 1944-1960
John Neufeld 1945-1973
A. Baergen 1958-1997
John Unrau 1975-1980
Frank Baergen 1979-1997
Jacob Nickel 1981-1982
Eric Rempel 1982-1989
George Schroeder 1988-1989
Merlin Stauffer 1990-1997
Walt Braun 1998-1999
Bob Crosland 2002-2010

Tofield Mennonite Church Membership

Year Members
1941 96
1947 138
1958 189
1965 155
1972 142
1985 120
1990 127
1995 127
2000 124

Author(s) Marlene Epp
Richard D. Thiessen
Date Published November 2017

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