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Treesbank Hutterite Colony (Wawanesa, Manitoba, Canada)Trementina Church of God in Christ, Mennonite Spanish Mission (Trementina, New Mexico, USA)Trenque Lauquen Mennonite Church (Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Trenton Mennonite Church (Trenton, Ohio, USA)Tressler Mennonite Church (Greenwood, Delaware, USA)Tres Corrales Colony (Asuncion, Paraguay)
Tres Cruces Colony (Bolivia)Tres Lomas Mennonite Church (Tres Lomas, Buenos Aires, Argentina)Tres Palmas Colony (Bolivia)
Tres Palmas Colony (Paraguay)Trevose Mennonite Church (Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA)Treyer, Jakob (16th century)
Treytorrens, Nicolas Samuel de (18th century)Tri-City Chinese Christian Church (Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada)Tri-State Bible Camp (Currie, Minnesota, USA)
Trijn, Harmen Thys huysvrouwe (d. 1535)Trijne Amkers (d. 1534)Trijnken Keuts (d. 1559)
Trijntgen (d. 1571)Trijntgen Jan Pannebackersdochter (d. 1569)Trijntje Dircxd. (16th century)
Trijntje Jans van Dülmen (d. 1539)Trijnwouden (Friesland, Netherlands)Trijn Jacobs (d. 1555)
Trijn Jansdochter (d. 1535)Trijn Jans (d. 1535)Trijn Pietersdochter (d. 1536)
Trileaf Hutterite Colony (Baldur, Manitoba, Canada)Trinidad and TobagoTrinity Chapel (Tavares, Florida, USA)
Trinity Christian Fellowship (Millersburg, Ohio, USA)Trinity Christian Society (Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA)Trinity Mennonite Church (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Trinity Mennonite Church (Farmville, Virginia, USA)Trinity Mennonite Fellowship (Mather, Manitoba, Canada)Tripp Hutterite Colony (Yankton, South Dakota, USA)
Trissels Mennonite Church (Broadway, Virginia, USA)Tritzschel, Heinrich (16th century)Troeltsch, Ernst (1865-1923)
Troxelville Mennonite Church (Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania, USA)Troyer, Amos P. (1856-1935)Troyer, Christian (1797-1883)
Troyer, Emanuel (1871-1942)Troyer, George D. (1890-1969)Troyer, Kathryn Sommers (1893-1973)
Troyer (Treyer, Treier, Dreier)Truax Mennonite Brethren Church (Truax, Saskatchewan, Canada)Trubetskoye Mennonite Settlement (Kherson Oblast, Ukraine)
True and Blessed Way, TheTruitje Gysbertsdochter (d. 1534)Trumbull County (Ohio, USA)
Trustees, CongregationalTruyken (d. 1549)Trynken van Spelle (d. 1573)
Tryntgen (d. 1570)Tryn Rieurtsdochter, and Tryn Willemsdochter (d. 1535)
Tryon, Pieter (16th century)Tschanz family nameTschetter, Paul (1842-1919)
Tschetter family nameTschetter Hutterite Colony (Irricana, Alberta, Canada)Tschetter Hutterite Colony (Olivet, South Dakota, USA)
Tshikapa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)Tshimika Mutondo Isaac (ca. 1910-1995)Tshinyama Katoko (Jean) (1911-1987)
Tsingfeng Mennonite Mission (Hebei Province, China)Tucher, Jörg (16th century)Tucumcari Church of God in Christ, Mennonite Spanish Mission (Tucumcari, New Mexico, USA)
Tuleta Mennonite Church (Tuleta, Texas, USA)Tulsa Mennonite Brethren Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)Tumbült, Georg (b. 1856)
Tunes (1958)Tunggul Wulung (Tunggulwulung), Ibrahim (d. 1885)Tungming (Hebei Province, China)
TunkersTurin Hutterite Colony (Turin, Alberta, Canada)Turkestan
TurkeyTurkey Run Mennonite Church (Bremen, Ohio, USA)Turmbücher
Turner's Creek Mennonite Church (Talbert, Kentucky, USA)Turner Hutterite Colony (Turner, Montana, USA)Turpin Mennonite Church (Turpin, Oklahoma, USA)
Tuscola County (Michigan, USA)Tweedale, Eleanor Neufeld (1926-1984)Tweede Liedeboeck, Het
Tweede Pruys LiedtboekskenTwekkelo (Overijssel, Netherlands)
Twente, Ring of (Twente, Overijssel, Netherlands)Twente (Overijssel, Netherlands)Twenty-Sixth Street Mission (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Twijzel-Eestrum (Friesland, Netherlands)Twilight Hutterite Colony (Carberry Junction, Manitoba, Canada)Twilight Hutterite Colony (Falher, Alberta, Canada)
Twin City Missions (Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, USA)Twin Creek Hutterite Colony (Standard, Alberta, Canada)Twin Hills Hutterite Colony (Carter, Montana, USA)
Twin Rivers Hutterite Colony (Manning, Alberta, Canada)Twisck, Pieter Jansz (1565-1636)Twisck, Pieter Jansz (17th century)
Twisck, Reyner Pietersz (d. 1613)TwiskenTwisk (Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
Two Centuries of American Mennonite Literature (Monograph)Two Hills Mennonite Church (Two Hills, Alberta, Canada)Typhus
Tyrol (Austria)Tyrone Mennonite Church (Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA)Tyumen (Uralsky federalny okrug, Russia)
Tzum (Friesland, Netherlands)

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